Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Indiana Jones Pinball Machine

The first time I ever played an Indiana Jones pinball machine was at in an Airport game room. I can't remember where I was going or which airport my layover was in but I do remember playing the Indiana Jones pinball machine. Right off I noticed the trademark color palette from the film posters and oversized presence of the widebody cabinet.

Everywhere I looked on the Indiana Jones playfield seemed to be packed with attention grabbing features, a spinning statue, drop targets, scale fighter planes with LEDS in the wings, even a elevated playfield that seemed to promise a tricky challenge. My quarters went in and I played many games.

Right off I enjoyed the layout and there was a fine combination of short and long shots. It seemed like there was a bonus mode from one of the Indiana Jones films waiting behind every target, loads of skill and combination shots, and really high quality interaction from the sound, lights and dot matrix screen. I began racking up some decent points and landing multiball, I was having enough fun that a random stranger or two joined me for a round.

That Indiana Jones pinball machine made a fine first impression on me and I've made it a point to stop and take the time to play when ever I happen across one. Do yourself a favor and play it a bunch if you find it on location to support your local operator. If you've got the scratch to put on in your home, your whole family will thank you for it. If you are the person who came across that Indiana Jones after I was finished with it, you're welcome for the credits I left behind for you to enjoy.

In case you're wondering, the Indiana Jones Pinball Machine is one of my all time favorites.

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