Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pinball Machines in the Spring

Spring is a special time of year when it comes to enjoying pinball machines.  The first few warm days of the year snap friends out of their winter blues and helps shoo them out the door in search of activity.  With endless late evenings of sunshine and warmth still a few months off, a pinball machine is the perfect combination of fun and competition to help see everyone through.

Spring is also a good time to run your pinball machines through their paces and see if they need any maintenance before the summer barbeque season starts-up. This is a good time to give your pinball machine's playfield a cleaning, replace any lights, and troubleshoot any features that may need attention. Regardless of how old your pinball machines is, you can always keep it playing like new with just a little care. If your machine is out-of-service completely, contact your pinball machine technician and go over the entire game... you'll be glad you did.

Before you know it, summer will be here and your gatherings will be all the more special as friends and family square off for some good natured fun where everyone who plays has a chance to win. You might even be there for someone playing their first ever round of pinball. With more and more people taking local vacations, this might be the perfect year to upgrade your game room with a new pinball machine addition.


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