Monday, May 10, 2010

Walk Yourself

Ok so this post is more about walking your dog than it is you but non-dog owners need to walk too and I'm all about being inclusive. Which, coincidentally is what dogs are all about even though they sit out many of our day to day activities for one ineligibility or another. It's easy then to understand why they are always willing to go for a walk... it's their time to have 'you time' and it's all-around good medicine.

Now your dog may not be easy to walk. If that's the case, look up the Dog Whisperer and get to work on straightening that out. Oddly enough many bad behaviors go away when a dog is properly exercised. For the rest of you, you may already know why dogs enjoy walks so much. You get in touch with the weather and your surroundings, blow off a little steam, maybe meet a neighbor or two and you never know... which is the point, you never know what you'll experience until you do it.

And it's healthy of course. You could take two walks a day and still not go wrong. You'll burn a few calories and help maintain your metabolism... All of which will make you look and feel better. You'll feel better for the change of pace and scene and when you get home, that'll transfer over to everyone around you - because you took time for yourself, dog or no.

It may sound strange, but do us all a favor and go walk yourself.

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