Wednesday, February 27, 2008

One thing I didn't learn in pre-school

OK, yes, I took Recreation and Leisure in college. Got an 'A' too in case you're wondering. Most of the class was what you might expect - it counted as a gym credit and was even held in one of the rec buildings on campus - Might have been only a half credit now that I recall...

But recreation and leisure did pass on to me a little tidbit of information that has always stuck with me. Turns out that if you wait your whole life to get into recreation, say like when you retire... That you will never quite get it right. At least according to some studies anyway... To get it right, to really enjoy yourself and have the kind of fun that is good medicine for everyday life, you have to work that recreation in everyday - right now.

That's right folks... you have to act now. You have to go for walks - ( especially if you have a dog... ), you have to treat yourself at lunch occasionally, you have to make plans with friends, and you have to pursue interests in fun. Plain old American fun.

Do this and you will be healthier, kinder, and a better person for yourself and everyone around you. Make the time and take the time and look for ways to share the time with other people. Put yourself in motion now and that motion and those skills with be with you when you do retire and your retirement will be the richer for it. Best of all you will avoid ignoring your life until you are 65 in the process.

Take my word for it and have fun while you're at it. Today is a great day begin.

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